We are expert in HR-Payroll, Educational, Healthcare, Security and many more!!

Our solution is a complete package of advanced applications, which provide relieves from the hectic maintenance of entries through the manual scripting, rather manages the incoming, exit, and the total number of hours the employees stayed in the office premises or on site duty.

Employees can apply for leave, OD, OT, attendance, claims & help desk using their smartphones & managers can approve such requests online.

We also tracks and manages all of your IT and non-IT assets . Manage your fixed, hardware and software assets across locations and departments with our cloud based asset management software. It serves as a reliable source of information with updated checkout, service and location histories. Our Asset management system dovetailed with CCTV, allows you to have clear image of the complete system from single location.

Our Solution provides control and visibility over the complete life cycle of your assets.