Defense And Security

Protecting Assets, Securing Borders and Supporting the Military

Our technology turns fibre-optic cable into thousands of virtual sensors providing options for monitoring of linear assets such as pipelines or railways, movement around borders or perimeters and enables timely decision making to keep assets safe and operating cost effectively. This real time acoustic sensing can actually help prevent incidents, monitor performance and guide responses, delivering outcomes at reduced cost.

By turning fibre-optic cables into highly sensitive sensing cable of distinguishing between human footsteps and animal tracks we provide central access to information and also create alerts enabling immediate responses and improved future business decisions. This is the unique capability that APAZUC offers.

Risks posed by unsecured borders have become a critical issue for governments around the world. Transnational crime, reduced revenue, trans-smuggling, human trafficking, terrorism, etc. Threaten national security — all harm the countries citizens and pose significant costs on the affected countries. The costs from increased crime fighting expenditures, reduced tax revenue, and reduced economic productivity, etc, can be staggering. Worldwide, nations struggle with these threats, trying to balance increasing manning levels with improving technology.

Using a laser to interrogate fibre strands 40km long, the system creates virtual sensors every 7m that detect acoustic/seismic signals by measuring the minute induced dynamic fibre strain.