IT And Automations

Totally Integrated IT and Automation (TIIA) provides the decisive components needed to optimize processes and security solutions. TIIA offers a unique range of products and systems that deliver end-to-end solutions, and comprise the core technology capabilities for the Privacy, Security and Control

We allows you to conveniently evade and defeat the most capable attackers…

Our secure collaboration platform lets teams and executives communicate effectively and safely. All communications and archives are securely hosted on Privacy Platform.

Access Anywhere
Easily accessible from everyday PCs, Tablets,and Phones.

File Sharing
Drag and drop to share files.
Totally searchable and archived.

Communicate in secure channels by project, topic, or team

Private Channels
Convey sensitive information only to specific team members.

Direct Messaging
Send direct messages, just like texts.
But secure.

Rich User Experience
Add Audio, Video, and Photos to your messages.

Command and Control (Central Alarms Monitoring System)

  • Connects detection to location displays, lighting and cameras for rapid action
  • Integrates to Physical Security Information and Security Management Systems
  • Commands Drill