Risks posed by unsecured borders have become a critical issue for governments around the world. Transnational crime, reduced revenue, smuggling, human trafficking, terrorism, etc are a threat to national security. All such activities harm the citizens and pose significant costs on the affected countries worldwide, nations struggle with these threats, trying to balance the increasing manpower requirements with advanced technology.

The following proposal concerns the development and delivery of a complete 3 layer security solution for Defence forces and High sensitive sites. We are using Fiber Based Security System dovetailed with Thermal Cameras, Electro fence and Command and Control software that provides common platform to control this integrated solution. Our technology turns fibre-optic cable into thousands of contiguous virtual sensors; providing options for monitoring of assets such as key installations movement around borders or perimeters and enables timely decision making to keep assets safe and operating cost effectively. This real time sensing can actually help prevent incidents and guide responses, to eliminate threats in time.

By turning fibre-optic cables into highly sensitive sensing cable distinguished between human footsteps and animal tracks, high end thermal camera layer for advanced warning and tracking, we provide central access to information and also create alerts enabling immediate responses.


This solution implements a major security-enhancing upgrade to existing security system, and allows common control system to even integrate existing systems if any. The System capability is near 100% with the system availability at 99.99% ensuring a 30 minute on site response time for maintenance by deploying a dedicated 24×7 on premises engineer.

The system is not susceptible to EMI and Lightning. Its design caters to degradation due to Rain and Fog: Truly all weather complaint.

This project is a unique solution, that has been designed for perimeter security, for a high value strategic installation, to change the paradigm from a reactive scenario to a proactive one in the face of possible militant attacks. The solution consists of Thermal Intrusion Detection System, Fiber based system, Electro Fence based system and a command and control platform.