Satellites offer global, regional and/or local reach

Satellites offer an increasing range of solutions, from traditional SCPC (single channel per carrier) services to IP-based VoIP and data networking

Satellites offer direct, last mile connectivity to regions with little existing infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost of installing and maintaining terrestrial solutions

Satellite networks can be implemented quickly, sometimes within hours, when a disaster strikes, providing “instant infrastructure”

  • QoS – Quality Of Service – We design protocols to set priorities on various traffic over satellites.
  • Connect client satellite sites to headquarters – Private Networking
  • Advanced Networking – Routing / Failover / On-Demand / Redundant Satellites
  • Point-To-Point Satellite Networking – Avoid all terrestrial connections
  • Satellite VPN – Robust VPN equipment solutions to maintain security of data
  • Mesh Satellite Networking – Satellite As Router
  • Hybrid Satellite Networking – Use various forms of satellite communication with your network