We provide end-to-end, mission-critical infrastructure solutions that are designed to suit your specific WAN application needs and drives the evolution and convergence of today’s WANs with new IP/MPLS and packet transport standards.

We have all the elements that highway operators need to simplify their network transformation and reduce OPEX while increasing competitiveness and achieving greater control over their business.

It is redefining and standardizing the Transport Layer, Control Layer and Application Layer to exploit the IP infrastructure

We ensure transparent transport of legacy protocols, provide physical synchronization with quality similar to SDH, traffic engineering and segregation, as well as assuring fast recovery in the event of failure.

Modem Systems for ‘Hard-to-Read’ Meters – special local connection sub-systems, to modems on meters located in ‘inaccessible’ locations, for example, meters located below ground or in secure sites such as banks and military sites.

Environmentally Tolerant-Modem ‘Systems’ – GSM/GPRS and PSTN modems in weather-proof enclosures with power supply, antenna and host/local network connection for use typically with grid-meters and in electricity substation control and other remotely managed industrial systems

Ethernet Adapters & Ethernet Cables – for local and Internet connection to central meter reading system.

Optical Meter Probes for Hand-Held Computers – infra-red and visible spectrum probes.

Optical Meter Probes for Permanent Meter Attachment – for reading meters connected via modems and LANs.